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Terra Drone Invests in Canada’s Unmanned Aerial Services

Terra Drone, Japan, has signed an investment agreement with Unmanned Aerial Services Incorporated (UAS Inc.), an Ontario, Canada-based inspection service provid... (read more)

How Can the Built Environment Take Advantage of AI?

From grammar checkers to satellite navigation systems, we are using AI without necessarily realizing it. However, whilst AI is typically quite widespread on a g... (read more)

Bluesky Launches MetroVista 3D City Mapping Service in US

Aerial mapping company Bluesky International has launched a new 3D data capture programme in the US. The MetroVista product suite sees high resolution imagery,... (read more)

SimActive Introduces New Lidar Workflow

SimActive, a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, has announced a new Lidar workflow integrated into its Correlator3D product. The capability all... (read more)

Getmapping Joins Forces with 3D Visualisation Technology Leaders

Getmapping has signed an agreement with advanced technology company Euclideon to distribute their Holographics hardware and software in the UK. Euclideon i... (read more)

Putting Drone Mapping into Practice in Malawi

Drone technology has improved to the point where take-offs are easier than ever. Flight planning apps such as Pix4Dcapture help aspiring pilots take to the skie... (read more)

Bluesky Tree Map Reveals Tree Cover Across London’s Islington

Treeconomics, a specialist in the use of trees to improve urban spaces, is taking advantage of a digital record of over 300 million trees created by aerial mapp... (read more)

Septentrio Speeds up Survey Workflow with Key Upgrade

Septentrio, a leading manufacturer of accurate and reliable GPS technology, has released a key upgrade for their GPS post-processing software. Both GeoTagZ... (read more)
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