Getmapping Joins Forces with 3D Visualisation Technology Leaders - 02/12/2019

Getmapping has signed an agreement with advanced technology company Euclideon to distribute their Holographics hardware and software in the UK. Euclideon is a pioneer in the field of 3D visualisation technology. As a world leader in holographic devices and visualisation experiences, their solutions enable customers to use data in completely new and exciting ways.

Euclideon’s hardware offering includes a holographic table, which enables immersive viewing of all types of 3D data.  Users can upload scenes derived from Getmapping’s aerial and terrestrial survey capture programmes, third party data sources such as cityscapes, as well as objects from scans and CAD models. In addition, real time external data sources, including IoT, can be brought into the scene as animated objects and tracked in real time.   

Smart cities

With multi-user capability, users can view the scene or object from different perspectives in 3D at the same time, without the use of cumbersome VR headsets. In addition, the hologram table can be connected to an external monitor or projector to allow other people to see what the hologram table users are seeing, aiding wider collaboration and discussions.

Applications are wide ranging across many sectors. From smart cities, urban planning, architectural design, defence and security, to engineering, leisure and gaming, holographic technology provides an immersive visualisation platform for scenario planning, training and collaborative purposes.

“The immersive and collaborative nature of the hologram table combined with our airborne and terrestrial survey data is simply amazing.” says Martin Tocher, products manager, Getmapping Plc

“We’re very happy to announce that Getmapping has joined as Euclideon as our European distributor”, says Andy McCutcheon, global sales manager, Euclideon Holographics. “With great synergies between our organisations, together we will be able to take our customers to the next level.”

Last updated: 11/12/2019